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LaunchSide is a team of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers helping established and startup companies launch successful web-based products and services

Whether you need a full service development team or are seeking a designer or developer to augment your in-house team… we are here to help you build the next big thing.


We are not an agency, we are an extension of your team.

Nathan Taggart, CEO

I am highly skilled at managing the development of new web-based products and bringing new products to market. I help clients avoid costly mistakes and can help you launch faster with less risk.

Specialties: Product Development, Go-to-Market Strategy, Project Management

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Chris Chong, CMO

I am an online marketing genius and can help you develop a profitable marketing strategy. I help clients with user acquisition, marketing, online advertising, SEO and business model development.

Specialties: PPC, SEO, SEM, Digital Strategy, User Acquisition, Business Models

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Travis Cannon, COO

I'm a technology company swiss army knife - a combination of engineering and business with passion for entrepreneurship. I help clients make sure their projects get done and exceed their expectations.

Specialties: Software Engineering, Product Management, Web Development, iOS and Android Application Development, Windows Application Development

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Chris Breen, Senior Web Developer

I am a PHP/MySQL guru and I help clients use open-source tech and frameworks to get their product built faster with less cost. I am also very experienced working with APIs and creating APIs.

Specialties: OOP PHP & MVC Frameworks, SQL, HTML/CSS, Apache, Javascript, SOAP/REST API Dev

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Sasha Chedygov, Web Developer

I have experience building on almost every language and platform. I focus on data-driven web and mobile applications… helping with clients create products that work exactly as expected.

Specialties: Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MySQL, PostGres, MongoDB, APIs

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Michael Hayes, Web and Mobile Application Developer

When it comes to JavaScript, jQuery and client side scripting, I’ve seen and done it all. I build all the “cool interaction stuff” that makes your web or mobile app standout.

Specialties: JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, iOS, Android

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Vanessa Maestas, Creative Director

I work with clients to create user interfaces that are elegant and intuitive. Said another way, I make sure your website, web app or mobile app looks awesome and is easy to use.

Specialties: User Interface & User Experience Design, Graphic Design, HTML/CSS

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Kate McPike, Graphic Design & User-Interface Design

I work with clients on logo design, branding and design projects. My specialty is creating highly polished graphics for web and mobile apps. I’ll get the look and feel of your product just right.

Specialties: Logos, Branding, Graphic Design, User Interface Design

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Nathan and Chris at LaunchSide are two very insightful entrepreneurs. They have helped me identify several new business opportunities and save money unnecessary tech expenses.

Brad Barton, President of MetroPresort

We are a top notch team who knows how to get it done and building online businesses is what we do.

Our experienced team is here to help you launch your product faster with less cost and less risk.


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